Training & Workshops

LLB offers wellbeing training programs and workshops to individual single parents and organisations looking to support their single parent employees. Everything is focused on enhancing thriving and fulfilment.

Training and workshops may be online (see below and ‘Videos’ tab), at specific venues within the South East or in organisations across the country.

Titles for workshops include:-

  • Be Thriving & Fulfilled – help yourself and others to be happy and blooming in life
  • Harness Creative Flow for Wellbeing – learn about the importance of creative flow in all aspects (not just arty stuff) and be able to practically apply the benefits
  • Gain Meaning & Purpose in Life – know how to focus your power to gain a better outlook
  • Flex Your Growth Mindset – don’t be set in fixed, expand for empowered growth!
  • Cultivate a Mindful Home – bring peace, harmony and unity within the safe space of home and family
  • Enhance Positive Relationships in Your Life – how to live in love and relinquish fear
  • The Power of Family Resilience – know how to bolster and foster it for lifelong strength
  • Bloom in Confidence & Self-Esteem – learn how to push past and eradicate self-imposed blockers and limitations, now and always
  • Make Stress Your Friend – embrace and release this necessary force
  • Be Responsible, Not Reactive – make responsibility an ally and learn the importance of awareness and choice.
  • Fulfil Your Life Purpose – eradicate doubt, set clear goals that matter and take immediate action

These title can be used and edited, or new ones also created. Let me know what you’re wanting!

Get in touch – I look forward to hearing from you…