Giving Forward to Give Back

At LLB, it’s a belief to pass on love, positivity and good fortune so each year for every £1 earnt, 1% is given to a single-parent charity.

I also voluntarily coordinate a Gingerbread support group for single parents in the Shepway area of Kent.

Annually, our Facebook Community of empowered single parents reviews the charity of choice and selects a new one for the following year to come. This way, more people are positively impacted year on year.

In 2020, the charity is Gingerbread.

Here are some details about Gingerbread… “We are the leading national charity working with single parent families. Since 1918, we have been at the forefront of shaping policy and services that support single parents. Today, there are two million single parent families in the country. We champion their voices and keep their needs at the heart of everything we do.”