Community is very important to me and to those involved with Live Life Better. Please get involved with our Community in the following ways:-

1/. Join and share our Single Parent Superhero Facebook Group, for past and present single parents and guardians.

In this Group, we touch on subjects of confidence and belief (in ourselves and others), managing stress, positive parenting and we also challenge the disadvantages, stereotyping and prejudice single parents and guardians can face.

I look forward to seeing you, your friends, colleagues and family members in Single Parent Superhero!

Link to our Facebook community is also here...

2/. Please check our website and social media updates for details of upcoming Community Events. These occur throughout the year, are mainly free and usually based within the South East of England but not always (many now also online)!

Previous events have included ‘Delicious Dinner for Busy Parents’, ‘Silly Walks for the Family’, ‘Fit Mamma Sessions’ & ‘Salad Jar Parties’.